The Afroz Jahan Memorial Trust is public trust registered under Bombay Public Trust Act with a registration No as E-882/ 2016. Although registered late, the organization has been actively involved in philanthropic activities since last six years. Mr. Naved Hussain s/o Akhtar Hussain (well known Businessman) is a President and Mrs Heena Naved is a Secretary of the Trust. The trust has been created in the memory of late Mrs. Afroz Jahan, the mother of Mr. Naved Hussain. Late Mrs Afroz Jahan was very generous lady, always ready to help poor, down trodden, slum dwellers etc.

The major primary objectives of this trust are as follows-

1) To promote educational activities in poor sections of community, and for that purpose to help poor families financially , to open schools, distribute books etc

2) To promote educational competitiveness amongst students of community and for that purpose arranging Felicitation programs of meritorious students, Career guidance etc

3) Empowerment of women through SHG formation, training and assistance

4) Economic development of unemployed youth of poor families from community

5) Providing shelters to houseless poor families

6) Providing medical aid and financial assistance to the needy

7) Arranging marriages of orphan girls

8) Making arrangement for funeral or burials of poor and unknown dead bodies In pursuance of the objectives of AJMT,

following activities have been taken up-

1) The trust has opened a Afroz Jahn Memorial School in slum area of Amravati

2) It has been running Montessori school for poor and middle class sections of society. The school is located on Walgaon Road

3) It has been regularly providing financial assistance to poor girl students for fees etc.

4) The Trust has started organizing “India Prospers” program, an annual event, from last year wherein the meritorious students and achievers in sports and other field are felicitated. Mr. Zafar Mahmood , Founder President of ZFI, New Delhi was a chief Guest for last year’s Ceremony.

5) Trust distribute School or college fees, school kits, books to poor students every year

6) The trust has formed self help groups of 500 women from poor sections and organized them in age wise groups i.e 25-35 yrs, 35-50 yrs and 50 yrs above. The groups have been given training in packaging, stitching etc and provided with machines

7) The Trust has constructed shelters for 25 families, arranged marriages of orphan girls, provided medical relief to several needy families

8) The trust has taken up financial responsibility of arranging funeral and burials of those dead bodies and dead person whose relatives are either not known or poor.